About Me

Brothers and sisters! I’m Andy Webb and I’m a snowboarder (amongst other things…) from the UK. Welcome to my webbsite…

I choose to ride with Andy. Why? It’s simple! In my book snowboarding is all about having a right good chuckle and pushing yourself to new heights, and there’s no better inspiration than watching Webby session a rail or kicker with the gusto of a Spartan warrior. Oh, and if you thought he was good on a snowboard, wait until you see him on the dance floor!

Tom Scrace – Photographer and best buddy

Age: 35
Hometown: Brighton, UK.
Sponsors: Love Inc Snowboard Company, Bandit.
Favourite mountains: Whistler, Niseko, Avoriaz, Mayrhofen.
Stance: Regular +18 front, -12 back.
Years riding: 20
Favourite tricks: Backflips, backside rodeos, methods, handplants.
Places I’d most like to ride: Alaska, New Zealand, Japan again.
Favourite snowboard movies: Subjekt Haakonsen, Car Danchi, Robot Food films, TB Series.
Other hobbies: Surfing, art / graphics, guitar, breakdancing.
Favourite football team: Tottenham / Brighton
Favourite food: Japanese / Asian
Favourite music: Michael Jackson, Nile Rodgers, Oasis, Foo Fighters, Led Zep – plus all kinds of funk / soul / disco / hip hop / rock.
Future plans/goals: Travel to new places, surf more, learn another language, learn some more tricks, get some good photos, make some more edits and be better at playing the guitar.
Claim to fame: I once gave a snowboard lesson to Felix from Basement Jaxx.
Also Terje liked one of my photos on facebook.
Shout outs: Family, friends and sponsors.